Think you have perfect vision? Try this test to find out how your eyesight stacks up

Apr 25, 2018
10:47 A.M.
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It does not matter how one perceives things if they are not able to spot the simplest things with their eyes.


It is estimated that, across the world, about six people in ten use glasses, contact lenses or undergo corrective surgery to get their vision right.

Out of those, over sixty percent of people are myopic or nearsighted. People with myopia have trouble seeing and spotting things that are far away.

Close to 30% people are farsighted. This usually happens as a person crosses the age of 40 years. Many adults have to use a bifocal lens as they grow older.



suggests that by the year 2050, half of the world's population will be nearsighted. That would be a dramatic rise from the current number of 34%.


The following test can show how good one's vision is. 

If anyone gets a 'Laser Eye Vision' as a test result, they can feel great pride about their vision.


In an era where the vision powers of people are deteriorating, this test can prove a good exercise to test one's vision and perception skills. It should be noted that this test is just a fun-filled exercise.


Researchers believe that the reason why the collective vision capabilities of humans are going down is linked to the reduction of spending time outdoors and increase in work activities on the computer screens.


This blame can also be extended to TV screens, mobile phone screens, etc.

One of the most issues faced by people is known as the computer vision syndrome. People suffering from this experience lethargy after staring at computer screens for a very long time.

In order to get a proper analysis on the condition of one's eyes, it is highly recommended to visit an ophthalmologist and get a thorough assessment of your overall vision.