Ginger Zee faces harsh criticism from fans for her maternity decision and hits back

Apr 21, 2018
12:36 A.M.
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According to the US law, if a company has over 50 employees, they can get 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.


As reported by Country Living, Ginger Zee had a difficult conversation with a few people who criticized her for taking a longer maternity leave after giving birth to her second son, Miles Macklin, on February 9, 2018.

It has been ten weeks since the Good Morning America meteorologist delivered her child via a C-section operation.

Some women do not opt for a longer leave due to financial constraints. Zee has been fortunate enough to not be one of those. Still, some social media users had harsh things to say to Zee's decision of going on a long maternity leave.



One social media user, CeCe Winans II, commented on the lengthy leave provided by ABC and Good Morning America to Zee and said that it must be nice to be on a maternity leave since February.


Zee responded to the comment with facts. She said that maternity leave for women who underwent a C-section is a minimum of eight weeks. She is allowed to take 12 weeks off and was grateful for the time she got to stay with her boys.


Compared to Canada and Europe, the policies regarding maternity leaves are still stringent in the USA, Zee noted. Zee also pointed at the negativity in the commenter's update and asked her if she could help her in any way.


Other mothers on social media also stood behind Zee's point of view. A follower, Maggie M, said that she was fortunate to take a two-year leave to enjoy her time with her babies.

She added that time runs too fast and wished that no mother should have to miss out on the initial years of their children.


Zee is scheduled to make her return to Good Morning America on May 7, which is exactly 12 weeks after the birth of her second child, Miles.

Zee's first son, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, was born one year after her wedding with her husband, Ben Aaron. The couple tied the knot on June 7, 2014.