John Cena and Nikki Bella reportedly split over infidelity after 6-year-relationship

Apr 21, 2018
12:35 P.M.
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It’s only been a few days since news of Cena and Bella came out and left the world shocked, and now facts are coming out about their relationship. AmoMama sought to find out what happened between the couple and we gathered this much from Hollywood Life.


With cheating being so rampant in the sports fraternity, it is not far-fetched to wonder whether John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up over infidelity. However, sources tell HL that the couple was “invested in each other and were in love and neither of them strayed away from that at all.” This sort of lays the infidelity part to rest.


A source close to the couple reiterated that there was no cheating between them. They broke up because they felt it was not going to work out.

“There was no cheating between the two. It was just the commitment of marriage that was the elephant in the room. They both had different ideas of where and when they wanted to do it and if they wanted to do it at all. They never got on the same wavelength when it came to that, which was the catalyst to the relationship ending.”

On the one hand, their fans are happy that they didn’t cheat on each other, but on the other, they are bummed that it didn’t work out. Two weeks before they announced their breakup, Bella and Cena were all loved-up at the première of the movie Blockers and Cena even admitted to thinking of starting a family with Bella. “[Blockers] absolutely has made me considering being a parent more.”


Well, it seems Cena’s stand on marriage is what did them in. Reports say that Bella called it off because she felt Cena was not 100 percent ready. Having been married before, he was reportedly resistant to get onto another relationship, especially given his commitment to film and wrestling.

Too bad that they couldn’t make it work. Talk to us in comments.