The Secret Service attended Barbara Bush’s funeral, and there's a touching reason behind it

Apr 24, 2018
09:51 A.M.
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The former first lady did not have just her family during her final journey.


Western Journal reported that a group of Secret Service agents were present when Barbara Bush was laid to rest at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston on April 21, 2018.

The entire country watched as roses adorned an elegant coffin placed at the front of the church. Family and friends paid their tribute to a beautiful personality.

The service also saw Bush’s children and grandchildren read powerful sections of the Bible. Her son and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, gave a heartwarming eulogy that brought laughter and tears to listeners.

Bush’s casket was carried outside by her grandsons. As it was being carried out of the church, people also noticed a group of Secret Service agents continuing to protect the former first lady.


For some, the loss was painful as they were like family. They have served her for decades. One of the agents said that they were honored to be standing by her side one last time.


They had worked around the clock to ensure Bush was safe and had continued to their duty.

Former agent Thom Bolsch said, “Agents on her detail, they’re the ones posted around her house all of the time. They’re the ones who bring her shopping. They’re the ones who bring her to events.”

He added that they were family to her and she was one of the most gracious people they have ever protected.

The Secret Service agents had a code name for Bush and felt that it perfectly suited her personality. Former agent Jonathan Wackrow explained that the term Tranquility ‘exemplified her demeanor and its calming, humanizing and gentle effect on those around her.’


He also wrote that she will be missed forever.

According to reports, two of the agents rode in the hearse that transported Bush’s mortal remains to her final resting place – the Bush Library at Texas A&M University. She lays near her late daughter, Pauline Robinson Bush, who passed away at the age of three.

Bolsch said that they had formed a wonderful relationship with Bush and she went out of her way to make them feel part of her family.