Man demanded his wife bury him with all his money. His widow’s smart revenge is ingenious!

Apr 25, 2018
12:44 A.M.
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She honored her husband’s wishes – with one major twist.


Uplifting Today shared the story of a man who had the strange request of wanting to buried with all his money in the event of his death.

The old man was known to be a miser who valued money above everything else, and he refused to give up on his greediness even in his last days.

A few days before he died, he specifically asked his wife to place all of his money in his casket along with his body. He added that he would need the money during his afterlife.

The wife had known his obsession with money for several years. She was hurt by the selfish demand of her dying husband, but she loved him too much to not honor his last wish.


In all honesty, she promised to fulfill his request when his time came. What nobody knew was that she had devised with a clever solution that would abide by the wish and still not give in to her husband’s greed.

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After the old man died, close friends and family gathered at the burial. Dressed in black, the grieving widow sat beside the open casket as loved ones said their final goodbyes to her husband.

A while later, the undertakers got ready to place the lid on the casket, when the woman suddenly stopped them.

She had a shoebox in her hand, which she gently placed beside the old man’s body in the casket. She then calmly asked one of the undertakers to lock the casket and resume the last rites.


Friends of the woman were shocked to see that she had indeed heeded to her selfish husband’s request.

One of the friends broke her silence by suggesting that the widow was crazy to leave all her husband’s money in the casket, especially when she would need the money to survive.


That is when she revealed that while she did count every last cent that belonged to her husband and leave it to him, the shoebox did not contain any cash.

Instead, the woman revealed that she had deposited all the money in her account, and written a cheque for the whole sum in her husband’s name.

That way, the clever woman still got to keep the much-needed money, while her husband’s wish was also fulfilled, even if not in the way he would have expected.