Footage shows toddler falling instantly asleep at dad's command

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 25, 2018
10:13 A.M.
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There are people who feel sleepy after traveling in a vehicle for a while. That’s the case of this toddler who waited for his father’s ‘magic words’ to fall asleep.


The boy and his father might have been on the road for a long time as the man noticed his son was tired and doing his best not to fall asleep. He decided to take out his phone and record everything.

According to Inspire More, many children like to stay awake for as much as possible to see everything around them, which is probably the reason this toddler didn’t go to sleep earlier.

The video showed that the boy, who was wearing a fuzzy hat, a jacket, and gloves, had a hard time keeping his eyes open, so his father asked him if he was tired.

Almost immediately, the toddler said ‘yeah.’ The most interesting aspect of it was that his expression didn’t change at all. He kept that blank, tired stare that his father noticed a couple of minutes before.


The man asked his son if he couldn’t even keep his eyes open and, again, he said ‘yeah.’ The father told him that he has been nodding off ‘a little bit,’ and the toddler replied ‘yeah’ for the third time.

After a couple of seconds, the father said exactly what the boy wanted to hear. He said that it was okay if he wanted to go to sleep. ‘You go ahead, go to sleep.’


As soon as the boy heard that, he nodded and his face went right towards his own chest. He fell asleep in no time and even his father couldn’t hold his laughter.

As reported by WebMD, there is nothing to worry about him as active children fall asleep faster than the rest.

It was also revealed that children must have any sort of physical activity on a daily basis to improve their cardiovascular health, control their weight, and promote good sleep.