Zach and Tori Roloff accused of endangering 11-month-old son, Jackson

The intention of the photograph was to commemorate the bonding between the father and the son. 

As reported by In Touch Weekly, stars of Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori Roloff were criticized on social media for sharing a photo of Zach and their 11-month old son, Jackson, on a lawnmower.

Tori shared the photo via her social media account. Zach securely placed Jackson on his lap and covered him by placing both of his hands on the handlebars.  

Tori also captioned the photo with a quote describing the important moment for the father-son duo. She mentioned that the family was in a place where they always wanted to be.

After people started commenting on her post regarding the dangers of placing a baby on a lawnmower, Tori clarified that lawnmower was not on.

One user, Sherry Irene, was harsh on the parents and shared that there were multiple cases of children falling off the seat of a lawnmower due to a slight bump. Children have the risk of losing a limb or even their life.

Another follower, Sheila Dollins, expressed that no child should be put on a lawnmower irrespective of it being on or off. She believed the situation to be very dangerous.

Jackson was born with achondroplasia. It is the same type of dwarfism that Zach was born with. Zach had explained that a child with dwarfism needs to be encouraged a little more as they have to take five steps to do what others do in two.

Zach is determined to teach his son the values that he grew up with. He always wished to teach his child the importance of achieving goals through hardships and not to expect any freebies through life.

In her recent post, Tori gushed about Zach's parenting skills as she uploaded a picture of Zach and Jackson, playing on the floor in their home. She said that it was the reason why she married him in the first place.

Tori also silenced the rumors of her second pregnancy by posting a text-based image. She joked that if she was pregnant every time the media said she was pregnant, she would've had eight children till date.

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