Baby found with umbilical cord attached whose parents discovered the truth from newspapers

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 26, 2018
01:53 P.M.
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Even though Todd and Amy had welcomed children of their own, they decided that they wanted to adopt one more after moving to Oklahoma in 2014.


When they finished the long and troublesome paperwork process, they knew they were even closer to adopting a child. One day, the family was packing up things to go on a Thanksgiving trip to the lake when they got a call from the adoption agency.

Good Insider Us reported that they asked both of them to go to the office to sign some papers and made clear that it had to be done at that exact moment. Amy decided to go alone so Todd could finish packing.

Before leaving the house, Todd told Amy that he had heard something about a baby boy who was abandoned in a hospital with his umbilical cord still attached. His mother, a homeless person, said she couldn’t take care of him.


For some reason, Amy asked if he thought that baby was going to be theirs, but Todd pointed out that it was not possible as the baby was probably too sick to be adopted.

When Amy got to the office, the staff was crying. She thought there was something wrong with the paperwork but the truth was completely different.


They gave her a piece of paper with the headline ‘woman leaves newborn at Tulsa Clinic’ and told her that it was her baby. She confessed she didn’t know how to feel, so she rushed back home and shared the big news with him.

The couple rushed to the NICU, where the baby was being taken care of, and stayed with him until he got better.

Two years later, he is a healthy and happy toddler who lives in a family that shares all their love with him.

‘God moved some mighty big mountains to align our paths. It has been a huge reminder that God’s plan is better than we could ever imagine.’

Amy, Good Inside Us, February 9, 2018.