Every woman should know about these hidden warning signs of cervical cancer

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 26, 2018
04:32 P.M.
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Even though most diseases show their symptoms early on, a few others like cervical cancer can come without a warning.


Since that type of cancer has been affecting many women in recent years, it is good to know the subtle signs of the disease, so they could identify it and seek for medical help as soon as possible. Here are six symptoms that women should be aware of.

  1. Abnormal bleeding

According to Dr. Joshua Cohen, a gynecologic oncologist at UCLA, unusual vaginal bleeding is the symptom most strongly linked to cervical cancer and it is the easiest to detect.

Dr. Cohen added that patients with cervical cancer might bleed after intercourse or between periods. Having heavier-than-normal periods is also another sign of the illness.


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  1. Pelvic pain

Apart from abnormal bleeding, experiencing pelvic pain is also a worrying sign that women should be aware of. Dr. Cohen added that the pain might be focused on one precise spot of the pelvis or diffused throughout the whole area.

  1. Strange discharge

Having a cloudy-looking or foul-smelling vaginal discharge is another symptom that, since it is not troublesome, women tend to ignore. Even though many other things can cause an abnormal discharge, the best thing to do is visiting an expert.


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  1. Fatigue

Just as with the previous symptom, fatigue can be present in many other illnesses including cervical cancer. If women identify all the aforementioned sings as well as fatigue, they must go get them checked by a doctor.

  1. Changes to bowel movements

Another symptom associated with cervical cancer is peeing often. Persistent changes in the quality of one’s poop are also a warning sign. Dr. Cohen added that having these symptoms for less than a week was not a reason to worry about.

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  1. Smoking

While it is not a sign, women who smoke or used to smoke have higher chances to contract cervical cancer. The International Journal of Cancer pointed out that tobacco can double the risk of having that disease.

Keeping in mind those signs might help women save their own lives – or others’ lives. Again, the best recommendation is to visit a doctor regularly.