Clark Gable's grandson is 29 and he is an exact copy of his legendary relative

Apr 27, 2018
03:03 A.M.
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Not only did he follow his grandfather's footsteps career-wise, he also inherited the stunning looks.


As reported by Hollywood Reporter, Clark James Gable, the grandson of legendary actor William Clark Gable, is on the pursuit of making his mark in show business. He is also known as Clark Gable III.

Gable III has had quite a few acting credits to his name. He started his career in modeling before getting his first major role in a low-budget Italian film, Looking for Clara, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

He started hosting the confrontational reality show, Cheaters, from its thirteenth season. Despite paving his own way in the entertainment industry, fans cannot help but notice the similarities in terms of looks between him and his grandfather.


Oscar-winning actor Clark Gable lost his life at the age of 59 in 1960. The Gone With The Wind star experienced a lot of difficulties in his romantic life.


He married his fifth wife, actress Kay Williams, in 1955. Kay was pregnant with Gable's child when he died. She gave birth to their only son, John Clark Gable a few months after Gable's death.


John also pursued acting but did not achieve success comparable to his father. He married famous hairdresser Tracy Yarro in 1984 and the couple named their son Clark James Gable. 

When Gable III was two years old, his parents broke off their marriage. He was born in Santa Monica and raised in Malibu. He did not attend college but completed an eight-week course in filmmaking at the NY Film Academy.


"The name means a lot to me. It opened a lot of doors. It also carries a lot of expectations. I want to create a new legacy for my family because I feel the ball got dropped by a generation. I want to pick it back up and do what I can with it.”

Clark Gable, The Hollywood Reporter, June 28, 2012.

According to Radar OnlineGable III and his girlfriend, Summer, welcomed their first child together on September 6, 2017. They named their daughter Shore LaRae Gable.


The actor has found himself in troublesome situations throughout his life. In 2009, Gable III was stabbed when he stepped in to defend his colleague who had gotten into a brawl.

He had to undergo an intensive surgery and ended up in the hospital for a month.


In 2011, he was taken into police custody for 10 days after he had violated a federal law. The actor was in his car playing with a laser pointer. He aimed the pointer at a helicopter.

It turned out that the laser pointer belonged to the police. He spent six days in jail and was under probation for three years. He admitted that it was a big misunderstanding on his part and that the incident was unfortunate.

However, he expressed his happiness for setting an example that people can learn from and not make the same mistakes themselves.

Gable III continues to be the host of Cheaters. He expressed his passion for acting and is waiting for something interesting to come his way. He signed up for his first major role in the upcoming thriller, Heckle.