Rebbie Jackson's grown-up son shares a rare photo of his beautiful young parents on their big day

Apr 30, 2018
11:16 A.M.
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- AmoMama has gathered from Instagram that Austin Brown wished his father a happy birthday.


- He posted an old picture of his parents on their wedding day.

- There is a fascinating history behind the smiles in the photo


32-year-old Austin Brown took to Instagram to wish his father a posthumous birthday on what could have been his 69th.

He is the famous songwriter and music producer son of Rebbie Jackson who is the eldest sister in the music family, the Jackson clan.


In fact, Micheal Jackson gained his first real recognition when he sang the 'Centipede' part of her song, Centipede.

People have also argued that his part was what catapulted the song into the limelight, that it was the real juice that kept the wheels of the song turning.


Under a very old picture of his dad and mum on their wedding day, he captioned:

'Today would’ve been my fathers 69th birthday; here he is at 19 years old marrying my mother in 1968. They stayed together until he took his last breath while my mom still wears her wedding ring proudly. Miss you dad.'



His followers had some pacifying words to dish out.

Let's read some:


'That's right there's nothing like black love. Austin beautiful father and mother. I love Rebbie she's my favorite Jackson'


'Always hold on the memories.. thats what will keep him alive in you.. x'

Austin's father, Nathaniel Brown died in 2013.

At 18, all Rebbie wanted to do was marry the love of her life and even though her mother was in support of it, her father would have none of it.


She was the eldest of 10 children, yet he wanted her to follow in the footsteps of the Jackson 5 and have a music career.

Meanwhile, Rebbie didn't see herself doing that as she once acknowledged in a 1980s magazine interview that her role within the family had been that of a 'second mother' to her younger siblings, whom she would often babysit, along with her eldest brother, Jackie.

She felt that was what she was comfortable in with the blessing of her mother.

There were a lot of arguments for several weeks before her father relented and allowed Rebbie to wed Brown.


However, Joseph refused to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Rebbie and Nathaniel's son, Austin has two sisters, Stacee and Yashi.

Do you think there are still people out there who would sacrifice a chance at a great music career for the family?

Source: Instagram.