Elvis' only grandson is 25 now and he is an absolute copy of his legendary grandpa

Apr 30, 2018
10:53 P.M.

The handsome grandson of the King of Rock and Roll greatly resembles his grandfather.


Fans of Elvis Presley used to always gush about Lisa Marie Presley’s resemblance to her beloved father. Now, people have started to notice that Lisa’s son, Benjamin Keough, even looks more like Elvis now that he is 25 years old.

Do You Remember revealed how people usually mistake Benjamin as his grandfather. Their similarities are uncanny.

Lisa has always been known to be the female version of her father. She had acquired the same facial features that made the world fall in love with Elvis.

Lisa has that infamous lopsided grin, the same chin, and their eyes appear similar to each other too.


Benjamin has three other siblings and all of them are girls. While all of them hold a touch of resemblance to Elvis, only Benjamin can pass as Elvis’ twin.

The only feature that’s slightly different between the two is their hair color. If Benjamin were to dye his hair black, he would become Elvis’ splitting image in a second.

Lisa had previously opened up about her son and she admitted how shocking and overwhelming it was that her son had grown up to look so much like her father.


“He was at the Opry behind the stage. Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there. Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny.”

Lisa Marie Presley, Do You Remember, July 2017

As for his career, Benjamin had been adamant in saying that he prefers to hide from the public eye. He said he likes his privacy and intends to keep his life as is.

Lisa chimed in to say that she supports her son in anything that he sets his mind to, whether if he decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps or not.

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