Woman is tired of dyeing gray hair so her hairdresser makes an unexpected transformation

Pedro Marrero
May 01, 2018
08:52 P.M.
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She had been hiding her grey hair with hair dye for years, so when she had an appointment with a makeover professional, she was ready for a big change.


As we age, our priorities change. When we are teenagers, we do our best to have a beautiful outward appearance and look rebellious, but as we become older, we live our lives the way we truly want to.

Kerry Grundhoefer’s hair had grown sensitive from years of dye and treatments, so the makeover was important for her hair’s health. She was tired of having to hide her true hair and decided to embrace it in an amazing way.

According to a Newsner story, thanks to the hair stylist “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins, who is popular on YouTube, Kerry said goodbye to her dyed, damaged hair and hello to a more stunning and natural look.


As soon as Kerry sat down in Christopher's chair, she revealed that she wanted to go short. She wasn't looking for a bob or mid-length cut; instead, she wanted to shock her friends and husband with a look that showed off her spirited personality and love for life.

She knew Christopher was the best in the business and, with his vision and talent, she could reveal her true self. Knowing her husband would support whatever choice she made with her hair, Kerry agreed to go with a super short cut.


Without hesitating, Christopher sheared off most of Kelly’s hair. Kelly was shocked to see that, but she also trusted him on this journey. And when he revealed her final look, she wasn’t disappointed at all.

When it was time for the big reveal, Kerry and her husband were amazed. Not only did Kerry tear up when she saw herself for the first time, but her husband was emotional as well.

However, Kerry looks confident, beautiful and no longer has to worry about hair dye or harmful treatments. This was the perfect cut to show off her gorgeous gray hair and make her feel comfortable in her own skin.