Have you noticed beetles in your house? Here's what you should know about them

May 02, 2018
10:33 A.M.
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These quite different ladybugs have been appearing in large numbers inside households in the United States. Here are some facts about this phenomenon.


Ladybugs are these delicate, beautiful, bright red spotted insects, and according to The Hearty Soul, are also one of the cutest.

Every year, it's a usual occurrence that ladybugs get out and start covering everything, but lately, they've been behaving strangely.

It seems like these creatures are now gathering around buildings, which isn't common, but Texas Parks and Wildlife posted a video with an explanation.

'Are you seeing lots of Ladybugs? Those may actually be Asian Lady Beetles, a non-native species introduced for pest control. They tend to congregate around buildings in the late fall, looking for a place to spend the winter,' they captioned.


Some people are finding their numbers hard to handle as these Asian Lady Beetles are becoming more active coming out of hibernation this spring.


The all-time Ladybugs people tolerate and love feed on plant pests and live outside, but these new ones tend to infest homes and buildings.

In 1998, the United States Department of Agriculture released the first population of Asian Lady Beetles, brought from China, Korea, and Japan, in order to protect fields and crops from other pests, but this didn't cause the infestation.


Experts think that a large number of beetles accidentally came into New Orleans out of a Japanese freighter, causing this infestation.


There's nothing to worry about though, as these bugs won’t injure humans, but it's important to highlight the fact that these infestations can cause allergy symptoms. Asian Lady Bettles can also bite, but it's not serious.

To get rid of these creatures, it's recommended to seal off cracks and openings around the house, to use vacuum cleaners, and to use this peppermint oil spray.