Emergency responders go above call of duty to mow patients lawn after he is rushed to the ER

May 03, 2018
04:35 A.M.
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The kind gesture shown by the two firefighters toward a patient is as surprising as it is inspiring.


Firefighters Tim Kennedy and Tommy Carter of Birmingham Fire and Rescue responded to an emergency call about an Alabama based man in his 70's, who was also a 30-year veteran.

According to Liftable, the man had reported about having chest pains. But after giving the initial emergency care to the man, the firefighters decided to go beyond their scope of work and do something much more for the retired soldier.

The firefighters informed that when they reached the veteran's home they noticed that his lawn had been partially cut and his lawnmower was still outside in the front yard.

Kennedy and Carter went in to access the patient's condition and decided that he had to be sent to the emergency room. An ambulance arrived soon and they safely transported him to the hospital for better care.


But after fulfilling their initial duties, the firefighters then returned to the veteran's home because they were concerned about what he had told them while getting into the ambulance.

“He continued to tell us in the back of the ambulance that he was worried about getting his lawn cut before some weather came,” the source quoted Carter as explaining.

The firefighters decided then that they would like to help the veteran out by finishing cutting his lawn for him. They stated that they wanted to it for the veteran because it "seemed to be a pretty big priority for him."


Carter further explained that he could tell that the veteran was a "kind, gentle, genuine person." He stated how they sometimes met such people during their job and they touched their heart.

Kennedy and Carter were more than happy to help the veteran out. They believed it was a way to thank him for the service he provided to his country.

"When you think about military ... for us to give a couple hours of our day to help him, that was a pretty big thing in our minds at the time,” Kennedy further said.