Teen girl gives baby up for adoption but has one exceptional condition

Pedro Marrero
May 07, 2018
04:29 P.M.
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Kaleena Pysher was 18 years old when she found out she was pregnant. It didn't take the high school senior long to realize that she would give up her baby for adoption.


After leaving her newborn daughter in the arms of a trusted family friend, she could have returned to the teenage life she knew before, with few responsibilities and exciting college plans ahead.

When she heard about the benefits of breast milk over formula, Kaleena knew she had to try breastfeeding for her baby's sake. Now, she has been pumping and sending breast milk to her daughter's adoptive parents, as reported by FaithTap.

Though the breast pumping was painful, she continued to do it and focused on the nutrients and antibodies she was giving to her baby.  Her supply was huge, at one point she was pumping 12 ounces every 2 hours and one shipment hit 80 pounds.


To ensure the milk stays frozen, Kaleena shipped it to the adoptive couple in boxes marked ‘Fresh Seafood – Keep Refrigerated.’ She produced enough that the adoptive family had to buy another freezer.


Kaleena has been donating surplus milk to a Colorado milk bank since there isn’t yet one in Alaska, where it is being used to feed premature babies in a neonatal intensive care unit.

The now-19-year-old wanted to give her child good parents and a good education, something she felt she couldn't do, and when she learned a former babysitter was looking to adopt, she knew she had found the right fit.

All the while, Kaleena has struggled with feelings of loss. She sees a therapist each week. She says that as long as she keeps producing the milk, she feels her baby still needs her.


She worries that after she signs the relinquishment papers, the adoptive parents will cut off contact with her, but they’ve told her that they have no plans to end their relationship.

Thanks to the open adoption and the understanding adoptive parents, Kaleena will still have the opportunity to be a part of her daughter’s life.

They’ve assured her that she will be invited to birthday parties, will receive video chats, will be allowed to send Christmas presents and so on. At 19, this entire experience has opened her eyes, sometimes to give a child up is the best decision.