Girl goes viral after her reaction to the flu shot

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:10 A.M.
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When she stepped in to get her regular flu shot, she had never guessed just how famous it was about to make her.


Michaela Goetze got recorded by her sister while getting a flu shot and her reactions made her go viral in an unexpected way.

According to an article she wrote on Cath In College, she had never suspected that she would become one of the most famous people on the internet because of a regular experience such as the flu shot.

Goetze had traveled with her mother, her brother Keanu, and her sister, Catherine, who had been recording the whole thing out of habit. She had been dreading getting the flu shot even before she entered the doctor's room


First came her brother's turn, who reacted to the flu shot like it was no big a deal. This further freaked her out even further, and when it was finally her turn to get the shot, she laughed and cried the whole time.

The family later watched the video and laughed all the way through it. Catherine then decided to post it on YouTube. But nobody could have guessed that the hilarious video would today garner around 5,094,578 views.


Goetze further explained that the video did not get much popular for a really long time and had only a few hundred views for over a year. Then her sister, Catherine, received a call from some media company asking for the rights to promote the video.

Catherine was undecided about it initially, but she ultimately agreed to sell the rights. Two months later, they received an email from a friend who shared with them a link to a video that had complied 'funny fails.'

Not only was Goetze's video featured in it but her friend also told her that she had become famous in France.

There was no stopping the video from then on. More websites began reposting her video and the sisters began to see more and more tweets, articles, and vines being created about it.