'Radar Online': Angelina Jolie’s son Maddox allegedly begs to live with dad a year after split

Monica Otayza
May 15, 2018
02:21 A.M.
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Angelina Jolie is reportedly devastated now that her son Maddox wants to live with his dad Brad Pitt.


Madoxx, 16, was adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from Cambodia. However, since finding out that Jolie visited and prayed at the grave of Pol Pot, the murderous dictator who killed more than 3 million Cambodians, Madoxx has had it. 

Maddox learned that his mother visited the mass murderer's grave during a trip, he immediately called his estranged dad, Brad, and begged to go live with him. 


According to insiders from Radar Online, 

"Brad tried to soothe him, saying that Angie is interested in the history of the country where she found Maddox. He also explained that he needs to be careful while the pair's lawyers work out custody of all their kids - and to hold tight until he could speak with her about it."

However, speculators find it ironic that it was Maddox who allegedly got into a very physical confrontation with his dad during the infamous 2016 family flight that Jolie claimed was evidence of Pitt's abusive behavior towards their kids. 


Insiders claim that Maddox now understands that Jolie's bizarre behavior is what causes problems in the family in the first place. 

"Maddox has had the chance to see what we all see - Angie is the instigator of many of their family woes."

Pol Pot's 'Khmer Rouge' party ruled Cambodia from 1975-1979. In the span of four years, his party slaughtered more than 3 million people through putting up work camps, starving them to death, and by conducting mass executions on notorious killing fields. 


However, locals have claimed that Angelina has visited the murderer's resting place numerous times according to locals. She first visited the place in 1998, before returning in 2001. 

According to Phoun Meng, spoken to by Radar Online, 

"We know Angelina has come to visit a couple of times."

This has been troublesome for Maddox, given that it was this oppressive dictator that wiped out more than 3 million of his countrymen.