Former talk show host Ricki Lake gets candid about her ex-husband's suicide

Pedro Marrero
Feb 08, 2019
10:47 A.M.
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Over a year since her ex-husband Christian Evans took his own life presumably due to suffering from bipolar disorder, Ricki Lake opened up for the first time about how it was the greatest lost she had ever faced.


The 49-year-old former host of The Ricky Lake Show gave a revealing interview to Pop Culture in which she spoke in depth about the struggle it was for her to go on with her life after believing she was ‘never going to fully recover from this loss.’

‘It's my greatest loss. I mean, he was my greatest teacher and at the same time as I've been having, you know, it's been almost unbearable at times, but I also have seen so much magic and gifts come out of this experience,’ Lake shared.

Fortunately, despite the pain, Lake has made peace with the fact that Evans is no longer around in physical form, and has learned to focus on the positive side of what has happened, celebrating the memory of her beloved and troubled ex-husband.


Lake, who is also an actress, explained that she eventually recognized that losing Evans helped her find herself, for it made her understand many things that were unknown to her as she had to deal with this tragedy.


‘Through losing someone through mental illness and death by suicide, you know I have a new level of understanding and compassion not only for people suffering with mental illness but also those loved ones that suffer alongside them,’ she said.

Lake’s new documentary, Weed the People, which focuses on families who have to resort to ‘underground sources’ to by cannabis oil to treat their children who are fighting against cancer, premiered just a couple months ago.

She said that Evan’s legacy lives on in this film because it was from her experience with him that the journey that brought her to create this documentary started, so he was always in her heart as she embarked on the project.

‘This 100 percent would not have happened without him. It's dedicated to him. He's a producer on this movie. Truly this journey, this wasn't my medicine, this wasn't my, where my interest was, like I didn't know anything about it,’ she added.