Meghan Markle's half-brother again urges her to invite him after controversial letter to Harry

May 14, 2018
11:01 P.M.
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Like his previous open letter, he highlighted that it is not too late.


The first time Thomas J. Markle, the half-brother of Meghan Markle, wrote an open letter about her, he did not hold back in expressing his disdain for her.

In the handwritten note released by InTouch, he bluntly advised Prince Harry to call off the wedding, claiming that Markle as a gold-digger and would soon show her true colors.

However, with less than a week remaining until the grand royal wedding of Markle and Prince Harry, InTouch released the second letter written by Thomas.

The new letter was addressed to Markle, and it had a completely different tone. The letter had no signs of aggressive disregard, rather, it was an elaborate expression of affection.


Thomas admitted that he was not perfect, nor were any other family members. He also confessed that it hurt him deeply when he did not receive the invitation to her wedding.


The 51-year-old highlighted that family was an important part of a person’s life, despite how flawed it may be.

Thomas also mentioned that Markle had drifted apart from many of the family members, and reminded her that irrespective of differences or other priorities, family should always be on top of the list.

The letter was not only meant to speak to Markle about the significance of a family and to depict sibling love but also to influence Markle’s mind.

In the note, Thomas stated that it was still not very late for his half-sister to send out wedding invitations to all the family members that had been left out from the list.


He added that her side of the family should be present on her big day as a sign of their love and affection for her.

Citing another reason for Markle to invite him and other relatives, Thomas wrote that the whole family had not come together for a very long time.

With a long and expressive request to be invited to the royal wedding, Thomas apologized for his scornful words in the previous letter, and also extended his congratulations to her and her fiancé.