'Dancing With the Stars' judge pointed out a serious rules violation by a participant

The judge was quick to point out a minor flaw in the contestants' dance performance, but not many are happy about her decision.

One of the fan-favorite participants of Dancing With the Stars, Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer and his partner Witney Carson, presented a spectacular Foxtrot dance to the beat of I Got Rhythm by Jury Garland.

The rousing performance that ended with the introduction of Mazdzer's mother on to the stage as a Mother's Day surprise still had a small flaw for the eagle-eyed judge, Carrie Ann Inaba.

As seen in a YouTube video of the episode, Iniba pointed out that the Mazdzer and Carson had performed a lift during the dance. She explained that lifts were not allowed in Foxtrot, which was the chosen dance form for the episode.

When the time came for the judges to pass on the judgment, Inaba did not hold back. "I know it was a catch, but then you turned it into a lift. We don't allow lifts in that number," she says to the participants in the video.

Mazdzer tried to defend themselves by claiming that it was a fall. But Iniba remained adamant and suggested that he should have put her down after the fall rather than lift.

As soon as she passed on the comment, the audience voiced their disapproval of her with collective boos. Then it was Iniba's turn to defend her decision.

She explained that she has to point out the technicality so that it is fair to all the participants. "I'll take the boos," she adds.

Surprisingly, Iniba turned fairly lenient while giving out the scores despite her comment regarding the violation of the rule. She gave the pair an eight, which made their total score 33.

Several other fans took to Twitter to express their opinion about Iniba's comments with few of the Twitter users labeling her a 'lift police.'

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