With a simple trick, you will know if your partner lies when he sends you his location

Pedro Marrero
May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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When a person shares his or her location using Whatsapp, there are ways to change your actual location, but it will not appear the same way and this little difference can give him or her away.


One of the many features that people love about the messaging platform Whatsapp is that anyone can share his or her location with anyone they choose to. This comes in handy when we need directions on our way to meet somebody.

Whatsapp makes it very easy to show our contacts exactly where we are. All we need to do is clicking on the option ‘share location’. A little map will appear, showing our precise location on it, and a list of places nearby.

By default, the map shows where we are, and by clicking on our location it will be sent to the contact we choose. How simple, right? You probably have used this feature more than once.


But there is another option that you might have never know existed regarding sharing our location through Whatsapp, according to Soy Carmín.

Let’s say you are somewhere and your significant other asks you to send him or her your location to know where you’re at, but you don’t want to let him or her know, first of all, because you don’t need to report to him or her.

Maybe it is just that you just want or need a time off on your own. Whatever it might be, if you decide that you rather keep your exact location to yourself, there is a way around that you can use to elude someone too controlling.

In this case, you will have to look for the magnifying glass icon on the top right section of the app. By clicking on it you can look for a more detailed location, like a cafeteria, for instance, even if that is not your actual location.


The difference between sharing your real location and changing it to any other else you want on the map will be your profile picture. If you share your real location, your picture will show in your exact place on the map.

If you look up another location instead for sharing, it will be marked on the map with the icon of the location you chose, while your picture won’t show.

This detail can expose someone who is trying to deceive somebody else about his or her actual location. If someone sends you his or her alleged location and his or her profile picture is not there, you know the person is lying to you.