No one wants orphan with silver eyes until foreign woman sees her online

May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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The little girl was abandoned by her mother at birth due to her health problems, and she remained in an orphange until this couple saw her. 


Primrose was born with congenital glaucoma and a hearing disability. Not prepared to care for her, her birth mother left her at an orphanage in their village in China. 

The little girl remained there for almost two years, while her medical state worsened as she went without the care that she so desperately needed, and her eyes began to turn an eerie silver color.

That is, until Chris and Eryn Austin from Braselton, Georgia, stumbled across her story on Facebook. In a video shared to YouTube, the couple explained that the moment they saw her photo, they felt an inexplicable pull toward her. 


Eryn said that from the very moment she looked into the little girl's eyes, she knew she was meant to be her mother. 

The couple quickly reached out to the orphanage in China, and after weeks of conversations with them, they were finally able to travel to meet their new daughter. 

Primrose is finally getting the medical attention she requires to stay healthy, but most importantly, she finally has a loving family who cares for her. 

On top of that Primrose also now has two siblings to love her as well.