Toddler brother won't let go of new baby twins

May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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Little Elijah had to wait for five weeks to finally meet his brothers and hold them.


Jess Ollett Seppala posted an adorable video on YouTube in which her older son, Elijah, does not want to let go of his younger siblings.

Seppala gave birth to a pair of twins in the fall of 2016. However, they were born premature and were forced to stay in the NICU for some time before they could go home.

During their time at the hospital, their big brother was waiting eagerly for them. 

When they were finally ready to go home after five long weeks, Elijah was delighted to meet his younger brothers. He held them for the first time and would not let them go.


The video was shot by their mother, Seppala, who asks her older son a few questions at the beginning. However, Elijah does not respond to her when she asks him how many babies he had with him.

She then asks if he wanted her to take back the babies from him. He is silent again, but when she extends her hands, he says he did not wish to give them back.


She asks him again but Elijah keeps repeating that he would want to sit with them.

Throughout the video, the little boy can be seen seated between his younger siblings, holding them in an embrace and unwilling to relent to his mother’s requests.


Seppala then asks if he wants to hold them. The little one does not answer but turns to his mother and it is clear from his expression that he wants to be left alone with them.

When he mother asks him again if she should take away the babies, he seems a bit frustrated and just says, “No.”

The adorable video ends with the little boy lovingly looking at his brothers. He does not want to let them go for as long as he possibly can.