May 22, 2018

Video shows intense muscle cramps in man's calf

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Some gym sessions might be too much for someone’s body, and Angel Bermudez knows it firsthand. He recorded himself having a graphic leg cramp that became viral.

In August 2017, Bermudez took to his Facebook page to share with his friends and followers what he had experienced. In the description, he revealed that he had just finished working out at the gym when the cramp happened.

The 52-second-long video showed Bermudez’s leg placed next to the window of his car while the muscles of his calf were moving in a strange way. He pointed out that he wasn’t moving them or doing anything out of the ordinary.

A couple of seconds later, it seemed like if it had stopped, but the muscles began moving again, which was clearly painful for Bermudez whose whining could be heard throughout the entire video.



Finally, the cramp stopped but it will be in many people’s minds as it became viral and has been played more than 23 million times. According to WebMD, cramps are involuntary contractions of a muscle – the calf, in Bermudez’s case.

There are many things that can trigger a muscle cramp similar to the one Bermudez got, the most common ones are: poor blood circulation in the legs, working the muscle too hard while exercising, dehydration, and not stretching enough.

When cramps happen, the best thing to do is stretching the affected muscle, something that Bermudez didn’t do. The same source reported that he should have put his weight on the affected leg and bend his knee slightly.


If that wasn’t enough, he could have sat back while stretching his affected leg out straight and pulled the top of his foot toward his head.

In order to prevent them, Bermudez should eat more foods high in vitamins, magnesium, and calcium, keep himself as hydrated as possible, and stretch properly before exercise.