Olathe chihuahua gives birth to a record-breaking number of puppies

A rescued Chihuahua became a proud mother as well as the holder of the Guinness World Record.

A Chihuahua rescued by the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption group gave birth to 11 puppies and now holds the world-record for the maximum number of puppies born at a time to a Chihuahua.

In a video uploaded on YouTube by Inside Edition, Josie Brown, who had accepted to take the Chihuahua under their foster care, revealed how she was surprised when the dog was still "round and bulbous" even after the fifth pup had come out.

She soon realized that more pups were coming out. By the end of the night, the dog had given birth to 10 puppies in total and Brown thought that was all.

When she recounted the number of puppies the next morning, she discovered that there were eight males and three females - taking the total count to a shocking eleven.

Brown then realized that the Chihuahua must have given birth to the last pup when no one was around to witness it.

The one-and-a-half-year-old Chihuahua underwent a total of 12 hours of labor. All the eleven puppies, along with their mother, were found to be completely healthy.

The occasion became even more celebratory when the family realized that the record-breaking number of puppies were born on the National Puppy Day. This made the special occasion even more memorable.

The video further revealed that all the little puppies would be leaving for their new homes when they reached the age of 10 weeks.

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