'I'm always going to be Meg,' Meghan Markle said to makeup artist before wedding

May 24, 2018
11:36 P.M.
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Even on the life-changing day, Markle was as friendly and as calm as always.


Meghan Markle may have become a member of the royal family, but when it comes to her friends, she insists that nothing will change.

The Duchess of Sussex gave this assurance to makeup artist and close friend Daniel Martin, who was responsible for the flawlessly beautiful look of the royal bride.

Martin is a seasoned professional in the field of makeup and beauty, having worked for brands like Honest Beauty and Dior. 

Speaking to People, he revealed his initial dilemma of how to appropriately address his longtime friend after she became royalty.


Martin recalled asking her if he would need to bow to her as a mark of respect, admitting that it would be an awkward gesture since they had known each other for a decade.

Markle was amused by Martin’s question and replied that to him, she was going to remain the same old ‘Meg’ he knew. Markle’s close friend also revealed the atmosphere in the makeup room right before the royal wedding. 

He revealed that there were only 5 professionals around Markle, including himself, hairstylist Serge Normant, designer Clare Wight Keller and Markle’s mother Doria Ragland.

Martin shared that although they were just minutes away from the historic ceremony, Markle seemed to be herself, calm and as chatty as usual.


Markle kept the mood light by playing chilled music from the 1950s and kept her phone away. She focused on engaging in friendly banter with Martin, discussing mutual friends.

To Martin, the magnitude of Markle’s new reality did not hit him until she wore the bridal dress. He revealed that until that moment, it seemed like a normal day with Markle.

The makeup work also seemed to have run smoothly, and his soon-to-be-wed friend looked and acted rather casually.

Markle’s calmness was surprising to Martin, and he confessed that the others in the room were nervous about the big day, but were carefully trying not to rub their nervousness off on her.


Seeing the thousands of people who had shown up to catch a glimpse of the royal couple was the second moment of realization that Markle was embarking on a journey that would change her life forever.

The moment that got Martin teary-eyed was when Markle needed touch-up work after the wedding in order to pose for the official royal wedding portrait. In Martin’s view, those moments were an embodiment of perfection.