Husband filmed his incoherent wife after wisdom teeth surgery

May 25, 2018
06:07 A.M.
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Cameron Garcia filmed his wife, Julie, after her wisdom teeth were taken out at the dentist’s clinic. She was obviously confused in the video and refused to believe her husband.


Julie woke up in the dentist’s chair looking very confused. She waved in front of the camera and said that she was about to take her wisdom teeth out.

Cameron corrected her and said that it was already finished. Just then, her jaw dropped. Julie did not want to believe that the procedure had already been done.

She looked around, left to right, as if she was looking for something. Cameron asked Julie what she was looking for but she just ignored him and continued to look around the clinic.

Shortly after, she asked Cameron when procedure happened because she was positive that she was awake the whole time.


When she finally gave in, Cameron asked Julie where she wanted to go.

Since Julie was still under a lot of medication, her answers were a bit funny. She told her husband that she wanted to go to Jamba Juice and learn how to make smoothies.


Suddenly, she stopped speaking and laid her head back on the chair. Julie took one look at Cameron and jolted. She asked, “Cameron, when did you get here?”

Cameron was clearly amused by his wife’s confusion. After a while, Julie, once again, expressed that she could not believe her wisdom teeth had already been taken out.

Julie had been out for 45 minutes and she was shocked when she found out.

Her incoherence went on for minutes and Cameron was filming the entire thing.

Seemingly, there are always funny moments when people are being put under for a procedure. Julie’s hilarious moments proved to be the perfect example.

The video has become viral with over 9.5 million views. YouTube users continue to be amused by Julie’s dentist visit as shown in their comments.