Man films his girlfriend struggling to solve a riddle

May 25, 2018
10:58 P.M.
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The question seemed deceivingly simple. Jenny's hilarious struggle to solve it is quite understandable.


Brad Holmes uploaded a footage on YouTube of his girlfriend, Jenny, trying to solve a simple riddle. The video clip showing her hilarious struggle has gone viral on the internet and gathered over 3 million views.

In the video, Holmes asks Jenny to solve a riddle, which goes like this: “Cindy has 5 kids. The first kid’s name is January. Second kid name February. Third kid name is March. Fourth kid name is April. What is the name of the fifth kid.”

As soon as he has finished his riddle, Jenny quickly livens up and enthusiastically replies, "May." To her, the answer seemed quite obvious.

But her answer only earns a chuckle from her boyfriend, who tells her, "No." This irritates Jenny, who then tries to explain the logic behind her answer.


She explains that May is the month that comes after April, so, naturally, the fifth child's name would be May.

"Jenny, you're not hearing me," Holmes calmly replies, while bursting out into laughter at the same time.

Holmes finally drops a hint and tells her that the name of the fifth kid is not after a month. This only further confuses Jenny, who then takes a guess that the name must be, "Cindy."


She explains to Holmes that the mother might have named the fifth kid after herself. Once again, Holmes informs her that her answer is wrong.

Finally, after a few minutes of filming her girlfriend struggle hilariously with the riddle, Homes explains, "The name of the kid is what."

It turns out that the last part of the riddle was not a question but an answer in itself. The name of the fifth kid was actually, 'What.'