1-year-old lost her life after father forgot her in the car

May 28, 2018
11:07 A.M.
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Police are investigating whether or not the incident was truly an accident and whether any criminal charges must be filed.


Nashville police updated on their Twitter feed the tragic incident where a 1-year-old girl identified as Katera Barker died after being left inside a hot car for an entire day.

Metro Nashville Police Department informed that her adoptive father, Matt Barker, forgot about the girl after dropping off her sibling at a daycare center.

Another tweet from the police department reported that the girl's adoptive mother, Jenny Barker, took the little girl out of the car parked at their Virginia Ave home later that evening.


She was rushed to Vanderbilt Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead as soon as reaching the hospital.

Tariq Nasheed, a media personality, also took to Twitter to show his concern that none of the parents were charged with the incidence.

However, a video from NewsChannel5 uploaded on YouTube revealed that filing charges in such situation were a complicated matter. According to legal expert Jim Todd, it was "a very very difficult case for all sides."


The legal expert also discarded the possibility of filing a first-degree murder charge but revealed that there was a possibility of charging for aggravated child abuse.

The video also reported that there existed a precedent for such case. Six years ago, Stephanie Gray's son also died in a hot car in Donaldson.

At the time, Grey was charged with reckless endangerment and neglect and was given two years of probation.

Meanwhile, the police authorities are expected to continue their investigation. After their investigation is over, it would be up to the District Attorney to decide whether or not to file any charges.