Tatyana Ali shared a touching photo with her son, mother, and grandma

Tatyana Ali shared a photo with four generations of her nearest. In it, the actress has her mother, grandmother, and son all in one shot and expresses gratitude at being to share her moments with all of them.

Remember Tatyana Marisol Ali, known for her role as Ashely Banks from The Fresh Prince of Belair? She was only a young girl when the show aired between 1996, right before she featured in Love that Girl!, and Young and the restless. She then co-starred in the 2017 TV film Wrapped Up in Christmas.

The actress took a break from acting and joined Harvard to study African-American studies and government in 2002. She then got involved in politics and traveled the US campaigning for Barack Obama in 2008 and showed the same support in 2012.

Tatyana lives such a private life that her wedding to Stanford Professor Dr. Vaughn Rasberry in 2016 in a small ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Talking to People about the ceremony, Ali expressed her joy at celebrating the day with those close to them.

“It’s pretty amazing. There’s so much good. We feel so blessed. We’re just having fun enjoying our family and our friends and that’s what we want the wedding to be about – just have a good celebration.”

The two have since welcomed their first baby together, Edward Aszard Rasberry. Tatyana revealed to People the feeling that came over her since the birth of her son. “Becoming a mother has opened my heart to a bottomless depth of feeling. Through our son, I see the world with new eyes. We’ve completely fallen in love.”

Her recent Instagram post made clear how she felt about her family – both nuclear and extended. “Love, protection, strength, devotion, sacrifice, stamina...Happy to be w my Mom and Grandma this morning. I love you both so much! Mommy, everything I am is because of you. (The ceremony) is just a little over a hundred people. It’s our closest friends and family and that obviously includes a lot of people that I worked with over the years.”

Wishing their beautiful family the best.

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