Mother and daughter with cancer get surprised on 'The Ellen Show'

The popular host encouraged the mother-daughter duo to open up about their struggles before giving them an emotional gift.

Ellen DeGeneres had an emotional episode on the set of The Ellen Show when she invited mother-daughter duo, Kim and Becky Jeger, who battled cancer together.

Before beginning her show with the announcement of the first guest, DeGeneres received a phone call on the set. The person calling told her that she received an important email from someone, who was in the audience during the episode.

The email was from Kim, who wrote it while battling cancer along with her mother Becky. She wrote in the letter how she was diagnosed with breast cancer only four months after Becky being diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer.

As the letter was being read over the phone, both Kim and Becky could not fight back their tears. DeGeneres, then, invited the two of them on the stage and talked with the duo about their struggles.

Kim revealed to DeGeneres that they were now cancer-free, but the diagnosis had been a heartbreaking experience for the both of them.

However, they were also somewhat relieved to have each other's company during the difficult time. Kim stated that both of them being diagnosed with cancer was "in a weird way" the most helpful thing that has happened to them.

She explained that what happened was terrible, but she took comfort in the fact that her mother was there with her the whole time sharing her experiences. This made it a lot easier for the both of them to go through the difficult process of chemotherapy.

Becky further told DeGeneres that watching her show during the chemotherapy also helped them to go through the painful process. She thanked DeGeneres for making them laugh and admitted that "laughter is the best medicine."

DeGeneres thanked them back for their courage with an amazing gift for Kim, who was engaged right before the diagnosis and might soon be getting married. She gave Kim $10,000 of cash as wedding expenses.

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