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Grieving Mother Sells Deceased Baby's Crib to Elderly Man, He Brings It Back a Week Later

Stephen Thompson
Apr 11, 2022
01:53 P.M.
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A grieving mother who refused to part ways with the memory of her lost child kept his crib and clothes. When she decided to sell some of it, an elderly man surprised her.


Valerie Watt from Cokato was on her way to becoming a mother for the first time. Her pregnancy seemed perfect, and she was ready to dazzle the baby with sweet life, including an adorable crib and all of her love.

Unfortunately, Watt never created such memories with her child. She lost the baby and resorted to grieving, which went on for a long time. Eventually, when Watt decided to clear out her deceased child's nursery, she met an elderly couple who changed her view on things.

[Left] Picture of Valerie Watt; [Right] Picture of Watt's stillborn, Noah | Source: 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul



In 2013, Watt was confident that she would be a mother to a healthy, adorable baby. She had prepared the name Noah alongside a baby nursery.

Sadly, during the final weeks leading to delivery, the Cokato woman discovered that her hopes for a son would never materialize. She said:

"All week, I knew. He wasn't moving as much. I was nervous."

Picture of Valerie Watt | Source: 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul


When she checked into the hospital, they realized that Noah was stillborn. His umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb.


Watt found it challenging to accept the loss, yet she was prepared to maintain an atmosphere that reminded her of Noah.

She constantly nurtured thoughts about the future, if he had lived, while sinking in her grief. Watt kept the crib she made for him for nearly a year.

Picture of Watt next to the re-purposed baby crib | Source: 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul



In 2014, when she decided to part with it, an elderly man, Gerald Kumpula, and his wife visited her yard sales. Kumpula, who was a furniture maker, took a liking to the crib and explained that he was good at making benches. According to the older man, Watt was hesitant. He said:

"She was kind of hesitant. I knew that maybe she didn't want to sell it, but yet, she did."

Picture of the re-purposed baby crib | Source: 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul


Watt, who wanted to sell off the baby things, struggled with the idea but was kind enough to explain a few details to the couple. Kumpula's wife, who rummaged through Noah's clothes, inquired about her son's age, and she confessed that he had died. In her words:

"His wife was there looking through my garage sale -- at some of the baby clothes -- and asked how old my son was since I don't use the crib anymore, and I told her that he had passed in July."

Picture of the re-purposed baby crib | Source: 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul



After making their purchase, the couple talked about how they would love to return the baby's crib. They knew Watt had difficulty letting it go, so they considered returning it: it was no longer a crib this time.

The elderly couple presented Watt with the transformed crib, now a bench. It symbolized how a thoughtful gesture could turn the pains associated with an unused crib into something comforting.

Watt confessed that she was consumed with joy and appreciation. The grieving mother cried while receiving the gift. It not only made her happy, but it planted the hope that there are still "good people out there."


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