Marjorie Harvey fires back at critics who mocked her for not buying her parents 'bigger' house

Jun 05, 2018
10:59 A.M.
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Marjorie Harvey was living her best life as usual and reminiscing about the old days in her childhood home when some trolls felt the need to worry about her parents. While they worried about her parents still living in the “hood,” they did not take into consideration that for some parents home is where memories are.


Marjorie Harvey is known for many things, and top of the list could easily be style. She loves luxury and the finer things in life that she and her husband have worked so hard for. So when she posted photos of herself at her childhood home, some Instagrammers felt it was not befitting of her image. They attacked her for “neglecting” her parents in the hood.


Dam Steve couldn’t buy them a bigger house?” wrote one critic “You could of upgraded that house for your parents,” another offered. And: “You letting your mom live like that. That’s so sad.”

Marjorie is not one to take things lying down and neither is she the kind to be dragged in a mouthy match. So, her clap-back was as classy as the lady is;


“I started to just block you for the ignorant comment but I decided to respond. First off I take excellent care of my parents and would buy them any house of their dreams. However, my father is proud and absolutely loves the house that he built for his family and could not dream of living anywhere else. I would never insult my parents by telling them it’s not good enough. It’s the house that my brother and I were raised. Will always be a part of who I am. I’m grateful and proud of it. God blessed you.”

Her response drew admiration from her fans who had already come to her rescue. One said: One of the best feelings is being home. Every creek in the floor tells a story. Some people may see a house, which is very different from a home.” 

After that response, no one dared come for her again.