Young girl bursts into tears when mom hands her a note in this video

Jun 06, 2018
06:14 A.M.
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When her parents explained that her mother was pregnant, she hoped that the baby would be a little girl so that she could have a little sister. 


Daisy Martin was just 3 years old in September 2017 when her parents found out the gender of their new baby. But when doctors told them the baby would be a boy, they knew their daughter would not be happy. 

In a video reveal to Daisy, mom Siobhan O'Brien presented her with a little gift from the baby in an envelope. 

When Daisy opened the envelope and discovered that the card inside was blue instead of pink, she had a brief moment of shock as she said "it's a boy," before bursting into melancholy tears. 

"But I want a sister, I want it to be a little baby girl," Daisy howled as her poor mother tried to console her. 


The note from Daisy's baby brother, who was due in February, said he couldn't wait to meet her, and even offered her a bag of blue sweets. 

Nonetheless, it took a while for Daisy to calm down enough to appreciate the gesture of the sweeties. 

Siobhan told Daily Mail that Daisy has always been a very girly girl, and loves dolls, fairies, and ballet. 


"She's a dramatic little girl, it's her personality. She'll have a meltdown and then be fine again. But she's a sociable little girl, she's clever and caring, and by the time her brother is born she'll be four so she'll be that bit older and will be able to help," Siobhan said.

Even though Siobhan was convinced that Daisy would be fine by the time her baby brother arrived, it was clearly going to take the tot some time to warm to the idea. 

"She asked me yesterday if it would be 'too tricky to make the baby a girl now if we went back to the doctors' so she isn't quite ready to let go of her idea of a baby sister," Siobhan said at the end of September.