Girl reduced to happy tears at the sight of her treasure hunt puppy surprise

Jun 07, 2018
01:42 A.M.
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The little girl kept asking her parents for a puppy, but it didn't seem as if they were going to relent and let her have one. 


Phoebe desperately wanted a puppy, and had been begging her parents for four years for a special little four-legged friend. 

In a lovely video posted to YouTube, it was revealed that her family had finally decided to surprise her with a pup for her birthday. 

Her parents and grandmother had set up a long treasure hunt for the little girl, with the end of the hunt bringing her to the most special surprise. 


The footage shows the little girl entering a room in her house with her eyes covered. The moment she is told to look, she bursts into shocked tears, and seems unsure of what is happening. 

Her family has to reassure her that the French Bulldog puppy across the room is for her, and as she goes over to hug the person holding the pup, he leans over to lick her face. 

As the reality of the gift sinks in, Phoebe continues to cry, but happily cuddles and pats her new best friend.