Diver with metal detector regularly finds unexpected things under waterfalls

Jun 07, 2018
06:54 A.M.
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In the video, a scuba diver, Dallas, found some unexpected treasure on his expedition.

Dallas’ YouTube channel named, Man+River, uploaded the video of diving in an Arizona Waterfall on December 31, 2017.

The man called it his favorite river treasure dive so far. Dallas went scuba diving in a river in Arizona with his metal detector.

Equipped with a camera to show the audience the things he finds in the river bed, the diver was lucky to find unexpected treasures.

Dallas informs that there could be kayakers who would be on the river sometimes. When he has to come out, he cannot just come up in the middle of the river.


He goes to the riverbed and puts his metal detector to work immediately. He sounds excited every time he unearths something by saying a “woohoo.”

He finds a pocket knife, 25 cents and 50 cents coins, and some rings. 


The team is also seen having fun in the waterfall and decide to take the expedition in the “upper pool.”

While he continues looking for some treasure, he finds another coin, two pairs of sunglasses, and a ring. The metal detector beeps and he spends several minutes digging the spot.

He is excited when he finally unearths a phone in a waterproof pouch. There is a big scream when he realizes that it is an iPhone 6s Plus.

He shows the sunglasses that have been coated by a layer of calcium carbonate, besides $1.27 in change, a ring, a couple of bracelets, and the best find had to be the phone which was about eight inches deep in the sand.


Dallas is surprised to find the phone still in working condition. He attempts to contact the owner of the phone through any numbers in the sim card.

The owner of the phone was excited when he was told the story. He revealed that the phone was under water for nine months. 

The Man+River team of four met Prince Ahmed (as his friends call him), who treated them to dinner. 

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