Sade's son shows off bare chest to celebrate 20 months since he transitioned to be a man

Sade’s son, Izaak Theo, posted a photo showing his bare chest and a beard that he is so proud of. He started transitioning to a man over a year ago and looks happy with his new self.

Sade is well-known for her timeless soulful music that she has been churning for over two decades now. She is also known for her beauty and reclusive life that has made her fans yearn for more of their favorite music maker. While she and her 21-year-old son are similar in many aspects, their choice of lifestyle couldn’t be more different.

Sade’s British born transgender son, Izaak Theo- formerly known as her daughter, Mickailia “Ila” Adu- lives his life on Front Street, with no regrets. A few years ago, he shocked the world when he declared that he was transitioning to a man. What was more shocking was the fact that he always rocked girly clothes before and looked as girly as the next 20-year-old. He didn’t waste any time either and so Adu’s seemingly rapid transition into Izaak caught fans off-guard.

Fast forward to present day, Izaak is finally becoming the man he wanted to see after starting his transition journey over a year ago. He posted a long tribute to himself and the people that have supported him along the way.

“A year and a half ago today I was given my first shot of Testosterone. Looking back at old photos of myself pre T shows me how far I’ve come and How happy I’ve become since starting my medical transition 18 months ago to this day. Thank you for all the support from my friends and family who’ve helped me every step of the way, LOVE YOU MY Gs. I didn’t post on Transgender Day of Visibility so love to all my trans lions and lionesses for having the courage to be yourselves every day.”

Although Sade has never addressed this issue publicly, Izaak’s post insinuates that he has her support.

He recently posted a photo showing his bare, hairy chest that is now flat.

Proud of him for living life in his terms.

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