Mother erupts into racist rant at subway passenger

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 08, 2018
06:37 P.M.

A viral video shows a mother furiously berating a fellow passenger on the subway


A video posted on Youtube on the 30th of May 2018 has gone viral and reached more than 670,000 views in one week.

In the video, a mother started shouting invective at a fellow passenger when her daughter was apparently forced to move over to give the other woman space to sit down.

The mother - an African American woman - started screaming and accusing the other passenger of pushing her daughter because she was black.

Her tirade was laced with expletives and racial slurs, as she started to refer to the woman's Asian origins in a derogative fashion.

The Asian woman received the stream of profanity with commendable aplomb and quietly told the angry mother to “Mind your language.”

Her calm demeanor seemed to further enrage the mother, who then ordered her daughter to push the Asian woman off the seat - which her daughter did.


Not content, the mother then got up and knocked the Asian woman to the floor. The woman again advised her to “Calm down. Mind your language.”

At that point, the mother noticed that she was being recorded and screamed profanities at the cameraman, Jose Amatute.

Comments on the video varied from horror at the woman's aggressive attitude, to opinions that she was teaching her daughter that violence solved problems. Many more commented on the woman's extraordinarily deep, almost masculine voice.

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