Here's a wedding proposal prank that was nearly taken a step too far

Jun 12, 2018
07:15 A.M.
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A paramedic, Wyatt Roberts, proposed to his girlfriend at the hospital she works in with the help of his paramedic ‘buddies.’


The video of the proposal was shared on YouTube on January 19, 2012.

There are many ways to propose to the lady of your dreams. Some do it in a romantic setting, while some other choose an adventurous place.

When Roberts decided to pop the question, he did in a way that made his girlfriend say she would kill him.

Roberts, a paramedic, enlisted the help of his paramedic ‘buddies’ and a couple of nurses to ask the all-important question to his girlfriend who works at a hospital.

The video begins not with a romantic candlelit dinner, but with the man on the stretcher. It was the start of a memorable and extraordinary proposal that the couple would remember forever.


The friends staged a perfect scenario. Roberts pretended to be injured and had someone reach out to tell his girlfriend to rush to the emergency room. 

The woman arrives as the paramedics bring her boyfriend in on a stretcher. She begins to cry as soon as she sees him. She asks the reasons he is on the stretcher to the others present in the room.


While she is inspecting her boyfriend’s motionless body, one of his colleagues reads out a note he had written, “Baby you are my everything, everything I ever hoped for.”

On hearing what the man has written for her, he begins to cry even harder. As the colleague reads, “I have one question for you…” the paramedics remove the blanket on Roberts.

He goes down on one knee with a bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other. He is dressed for the occasion in a suit.

He then pops the questions. She is relieved to see him healthy and says yes to the proposal. She also tells him that she is “going to kill” him. 


The couple then holds each other in a long embrace, while the woman still sobs and asks him not to do such a thing again.

Roberts revealed on YouTube that he chose the hospital as it was here the couple first met each other. He also thanked all his friends for helping him out.

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