Birth certificates reveal that mom, dad and baby were delivered by the same doctor

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 12, 2018
03:55 P.M.
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A young couple from Omaha, Nebraska, was surprised when they recognized the delivery doctor's name on their daughter's birth certificate. 


Kristina McIntosh, a 21-year-old mother to be, was told that her baby would arrive on her birthday, August 16th. Due to complications, a c-section was done on the 12th. 

McIntosh was astonished to learn that the doctor who assisted with the birth of Hunter-Rose was the same doctor who brought her into the world 21 years ago. 

When McIntosh mentioned her doctor's name to her mother, the proud new grandmother confirmed that she knew Doctor Jorge Sotolongo, saying "Oh yeah, I know him, he's great." 


Dr. Sotolongo also delivered the baby's father, Kyle Smith, 23 years ago, and the family thinks it is beautiful and poetic that mother, father, and baby where all brought into the world by the same man. 

Soon after Hunter Rose's birth, the family posed with Dr. Sotolongo to remember the man who made a difference to three generations in the family. 

Smith said he spoke to Sotolongo soon after the birth and remarked that it 'was probably the same situation when you delivered me.'

They told KETV reporters that it is 'cool' that all three of them were delivered by the same doctor and added that a special bond formed because of this. 


“I was surprised. I was very surprised. I realized I've been doing this for a while. What I like about what I do the most is the impact as a physician I have on people's lives.”

Dr. Jorge Sotolongo, YouTube, October 8, 2017.

Dr. Sotolongo said it would be an honor if years from now he had the opportunity to deliver Hunter-Rose's baby.

However, he joked that he would be very old by then. For more heart-warming stories like this, follow our Twitter account, AmoMama USA.