Tropical Storm Bud predicted to hit Mexico with rough seas and heavy rainfall

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 14, 2018
05:22 P.M.
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Hurricane Bud weakened from a category 4 storm to a category 3 but still threatens to hit the Mexico coastline with flooding, rainfall and dangerous waves.


According to AccuWeather, Bud reached wind speeds of 130 miles per hour on Tuesday, it's peak strength, before weakening due to the cooler water as it moves towards Baja California.

Wind speeds dropped to 70 miles per hour by Wednesday evening, which is below hurricane strength. Still, residents were urged to exercise extreme caution. 

As reported by the National Hurricane Centre, the tropical storm reached speeds of 45 miles per hour by June 14th, moving NNW (north-northwest.)


It forecasted that the windspeeds would weaken to 39 miles per hour by noon Saturday and would then be reclassified from a Tropical Storm to a Tropical Depression. 

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms threatened Jalisco, Nayarit, and northwestern territories and will continue into the weekend, while residents in Baja California were warned of flash floods and mudslides. 

Residents living close to small streams and rivers are urged to remain vigilant as they 'may quickly rise out of their banks and turn into deadly torrents.'


There is also the risk that communities could become isolated for days as roadways and electrical stations might be destroyed in the hurricane's path. 

Rip currents will threaten the beaches along most of Baja California Sur, and from Manzanillo to Mazatlan. Captains are urged to use extreme caution. 

Should a vessel be caught in a rip current, it is advised to sail parallel to the shore until the immediate danger has passed. 


As reported by Aljazeera, heavy rainfall of 50 to 75mm could be expected across southwest Mexico, and up to 125mm across northwest Mexico and parts of Baja California. 

The heavy rain could lead to flash floods and mudslides. However, specific regions have been crippled with extreme drought conditions, and the heavy rainfall would be beneficial.

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