Woman caught on camera while on a racist rant in an Asian nail salon

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
12:56 P.M.
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The viral video captured a female customer at a nail salon in Hillsborough County making offensive racist comments to the Asian shop owner.


A woman who visited the Bali Nail Spa in Lutz was caught on camera making offensive comments about the Asian owner’s language and culture.

The woman was seen sitting at a table and bursting into a furious rant, stating that if the employees did not know how to speak English, they should simply return to their country of origin.

In the presence of other customers, the woman went on to say that the native language of the shop owner Karen Vu sounded disgusting.

While lashing out at the nail technician who was giving her a manicure, the woman added that the Asian language sounded like that of people who were born from a hermit crab.


In the video, Vu is seen trying to reason with the customer, speaking to her in a polite manner

The woman continued her spiteful remarks, adding that as a customer, she demanded to have a technician who could speak English and understand the service she wanted.


The video went viral on the internet, and ABC Action News reached out to Vu to hear her comments on the incident.

She revealed that the woman in the video was one of her regular customers, and confessed that her behavior was sometimes volatile.

Vu added that she felt sympathy towards the woman and also felt bad that the bitter exchange impacted the experience of other customers who were present in the salon.

Speaking about whether she was offended, Vu shared that she did not take offense since she knew that the woman did not have control over her own state of mind.


The video was taken by one of the other customers in the salon, and at one point, she stood up and confronted the lady making the nasty comments.

Another customer Renee Puchalla shared that she was saddened by the incident and felt sorry for the people who worked at the salon.

Puchalla added that she considered it unfair for people to be judged by their race in a place where multiple cultures intermingled.


The video also touched Jennifer Verge, whose reaction was to drive down to the salon and tell the salon employees that they did not deserve to be subjected to racist remarks or behavior.

Verge explained that she had a divine calling to take a 30-minute drive to the salon to tell the technician concerned that it was not his fault and that the woman’s behavior was beyond acceptable.

ABC Action News stated that they are yet to hear a response from the female customer who made the offensive remarks.

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