Woman with self-inflated breasts wants doctors to fix her chest, but not reduce the size

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
12:44 P.M.
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44-year-old Allegra Cole is happy about the size of her 20lb-breasts but wants the doctors on Botched to fix the lop-sidedness.


The new episode of Botched features the story of Allegra Cole, a woman who underwent multiple breast implants, only to end up with a pair of lopsided breasts that weigh about 20 lbs.

Cole was 33 when she got her first breast implants. The first implant was 800ccs of silicon.

Appearing on Botched, the television series that dives into remedial surgeries for extreme cosmetic surgeries gone wrong, Cole admitted that her natural breasts were already noticed as full and beautiful.

However, she had the urge to have bigger, rounder and fuller breasts, and as a result, she decided to have them enhanced.


Cole shared that she was able to fund her implant procedures through a support website that paid for women like her who wished to undergo breast enhancements


The doctor she consulted had given her the assurance that she could comfortably add 700 ccs.

Cole recalled that the heaviness of her breasts after the procedure was comparable to feeling the weight of an elephant on the chest.


Even with the major transformation, Cole revealed that she was not satisfied with the size of her bosom.

Cole learned about a doctor who carried out implants with tissue expanders, and she underwent a procedure that doubled the size of her breasts to around 4000 ccs in a span of five months.


Eventually, she noticed that the tissue expanders had caused her left breast to be higher and firmer than the right one. This asymmetry began to become more evident as she increased the size of her breasts.

In order to support the weight of her 20-lbs-bosom, Cole stated that she regularly does upper body workouts.

However, she admitted that she needed the help of doctors to correct the asymmetry while retaining the size.

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