BBC interview goes terribly wrong when children storm into the room

Jun 18, 2018
01:58 A.M.
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Children intrude their father's room while he was live on BBC delivering a video interview.


In a video uploaded to YouTube by BBC News, Professor Robert Kelly was caught in an awkward situation when while giving an interview on South Korean politics, his little children barged into the room.

The video went viral on the internet last year and has gathered more than 28 million views so far.

The hilarious situation occurred while Kelly was being asked to report on a rather serious political issue, which he was doing through video conference from his home.

Unbeknownst to him, his little daughter walks in through a door behind him while he was reporting live on air. The anchor on the BBC News set even to warn Kelly by saying, "I think one of your children just walked in."


Kelly tries to maintain his composure at first and tries to simply stop his daughter with his hand, signaling her to get away. The little child, however, does not get it and she comes beside her father nearer to the camera.

Moments later, his another daughter, who requires a walker to move around, glides into the room casually and joins her sister.


Kelly looks a bit embarrassed at this point of time as his expression suddenly becomes gloom. "Pardon me," he says to the camera.

Just then, Kelly's wife comes sliding through the door and tries to take control of the situation. Trying to keep herself as low as possible so as to avoid the camera, she tries to grab her two children and take them out.


However, it takes her a while but she manages to get hold of the two children and take them out of the room so that Kelly could continue his interview.

After his wife takes the children away and shuts the door behind her, Kelly takes a while to calm and compose himself. "Sorry," he says, before continuing to deliver his report.

The viral video was later also featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the famous talk-show host dissected the mishappenings of the video in her own hilarious way.