After a painful battle with leukemia, little girl finally met the man who saved her life

Jun 20, 2018
05:57 A.M.
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Seven-year-old Adriana Aviles burst into tears when she met the bone marrow donor, Mike Laureano, who saved her life four years ago.


The emotional moment was captured by the family and shared on YouTube on May 30, 2018.

Adriana was diagnosed with leukemia on the day before Mother’s Day in 2015. The girl was just four years old then.

Three years later, the family decided to celebrate Adriana's victory over leukemia by meeting the man, who saved her life, on Mother’s Day this year.

The emotional video has Adriana and her twin sister, Maiya, hugging 29-year-old Laureano. The sisters burst into a flood of tears and refused to let go of their hero.

Their mother, Jessy Aviles, said, “Adri might only be seven years old, but her heart and mind are wise – she knows how incredible this gift of life was.”


The little girl had tears rolling down her cheeks when she saw his car pulling up in their driveway. Her mother added that she was not sad but overwhelmed in an appreciative way.

The mother-of-three said she immediately hugged him and thanked him for saving her life. 


The family said that Laureano was “an incredible man.” The twins fell in love with him and the family too felt “so much love and comfort for him.” They added that they had a bond that will last forever.

Jessy cannot find enough words to thank the man. “I wish I could hand him my heart and let him feel it, only then would he know what he has done for my family - it is beyond anything a word could describe.”


Laureano had signed up to Be The Match at his university after he attended a donor drive. He said that he was fortunate to have had health and happiness and felt an obligation as a human being to allow someone else to experience the same.

The service allows the receivers to reach out to their donor a year later. The Avileses got in touch with Laureano to express their gratitude.

The donor said that he had never signed up in order to receive any recognition, he did so because it was the right thing to do. He also recommended others to sign up for the service. 

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