Mother whose son destroyed a valuable sculpture refuses to shoulder the blame

Sarah Goodman has suffered harsh criticisms after refusing to take the blame when her son unintentionally damaged a valuable piece of art.

Goodman's five-year-old son Troy destroyed an expensive sculpture called Aphrodite di Kansas City at Overland Park community center in Kansas City, Kansas last month.

The incident took place while attending a friend's wedding. Now, Goodman was hit with a $132,000 fine.

Artist Bill Lyons wants to be paid for the money he has lost because he can't sell the sculpture anymore.

In an interview with This Morning, the mother said that she will never pay up as long as she lives.

Goodman claimed that other art sculptures were kept secure and it was only that artwork that wasn't behind glass or rope.

But her arguments didn't sit well with the viewers. They insisted she should have kept control of her five-year-old son better.

In the surveillance footage, Troy can be seen approaching the sculpture and wrapping his arms around it as his mother sits on a sofa nearby chatting with other adults.

The boy was seen looking towards his mother after the accident.

Goodman appeared on This Morning over a video link, where she said that her family should not foot the bill because her son had not meant to cause destruction

She said: "As his mother and as my husband as his father, I know we're ultimately responsible for damages that our children cause.

"If my child intentionally defaced property we would absolutely figure out a way to put ourselves out there to be responsible and pay for the damages to make sure the lesson was reinforced without any question.


"In this particular situation our five-year-old was just being a little kid and there was no malice or intention to damage any property."

After the video has surfaced online, she said she had endured death threats as well as encountering cyber-bullying.

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