Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian warm hearts while feeding daughter Olympia 'baby-sized' crepes

Claudine Varela
Jun 25, 2018
10:17 P.M.
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New parents Serena and Alexis enjoy a tiny meal with their daughter during their recent trip to France. The toddler also reveals whose princess she truly is in the adorable clip posted by her father.


Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian have been doting on their first child Olympia ever since they welcomed her nine months ago. Apart from devoting an Instagram account for the tiny tot, Olympia has been front and center in her parents’ social media feeds as well. 

Just this week, proud father Alexis shared an amusing clip of the little girl partaking of a baby-sized crepe while on vacation in France. Joined by her parents who also sampled the French dessert themselves, Olympia was a darling seated on the kitchen counter as she delighted in her delicious meal. 


The toddler who could now sit up on her own revealed she’s “Daddy’s Princess” as the words were beautifully inscribed on her pretty little white onesie paired with a pink bottom. She wore a matching white ribbon around her head along with a beaded necklace revealing her mother’s stylish touch. 

It’s no secret Serena has been spending a lot of time with her daughter, having almost lost her life giving birth to her. She recounted the details or her near-death experience during an op-ed for CNN months after delivering her daughter. She revealed how after undergoing an emergency C-section, she suffered a pulmonary embolism resulting to ca hematoma in her abdomen. To save her life, she went under the knife again to prevent clots from traveling to her lungs. 


The life-threatening ordeal left Serena grateful to be alive and even more thankful for her daughter. She devoted most of her time after birth tending to her baby and making sure her followers had updates of her progress. As a new mom, she would also ask for the advice of other mothers on matters pertaining to breastfeeding and even a push present she had no idea about. 

Today, Serena has returned to the hardcourt after taking a hiatus due to her pregnancy. Her comeback was welcomed with a Grand Slam finish at the French Open making it clear she’s still as much a tennis superstar as a full-time mom. 


Also this month, Serena introduced her latest venture, a clothing line she named after herself. She launched the 12-piece collection in an Instagram post explaining her reason for getting into the fashion business. 

“They say life is about timing. I learned this lesson at age 18 when I chose to play a light tennis schedule because I wanted to go to fashion school. Some criticised my decision, but I knew I had two loves—tennis and fashion—and had to find a way to make them coexist. After 15 years of false starts, and people in fashion telling me ‘no,’ it only drove me to work harder. As a result, I discovered what it meant to invest in myself, and I allowed that belief in myself to drive me to reach my dream. Today, I am proud to launch @serena, my own online shop. Never stop believing in yourself, you're worth it.” 


There’s just so much Serena is capable of, and she’s just beginning. The 36-year-old looks forward to having more children for starters and hopefully expanding her business while continuing to reign in the tennis court