Jordin Sparks steals hearts with video of baby son who tries to talk on his 2 month birthday

Singer Jordin Sparks, best known for winning the sixth season of American Idol, took to Instagram to share a video of her two-month-old baby trying to talk.

The short recording portrayed Dana Isaiah Jr. laying on his baby bed wearing nothing but diapers while moving his arms and legs back and forth. Jordin, who was behind the camera, is heard asking the baby to repeat certain things after her.

First, the singer asked the baby to say ‘I am DJ,’ and Dana Jr. started making noises as if he was trying to talk.

Jordin kept saying things like ‘I am two months old,’ ‘I love to talk,’ and ‘now I’m starting to use my arms and my hands.’ Dana Jr. never stopped trying to repeat what Jordin was saying.

For the caption, the singer revealed that her heart was ‘so full’ and that she could listen to him doing that all day. Jordin finally wished her son a happy two-month-birthday and added that she and his father loved him

As Celebritist previously reported, the 28-year-old singer gave birth to Dana Jr. on May 2, and she has been sharing with her fans her dramatic experience of having an all-natural delivery.

She revealed that when she was ‘going to different places and different universes’ with the contractions Dana Isaiah Sr., her husband, was right there rubbing her ear or back as a way to support her.

Jordin added that she finished her contractions on the bed, but then quickly moved to the tub when her husband finally received the baby.

Dana Sr. praised his wife for handling the situation like a 'champ,' saying that it was a great honor being there to support her during the life-changing moment.

The couple finally revealed that they started crying a lot as soon as Dana Jr. arrived. According to them, every emotion that they felt throughout the pregnancy process hit them when they gave their child the first look.

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