Céline Dion gets personal about God and spirituality in new interview

Jul 13, 2018
03:13 P.M.
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In a candid chat shortly after the release of her latest album, Céline Dion opened up about her complicated relationship with religion and the importance of faith in her life. 


Celine Dion has just sold over 1.3 million copies of her new album, Loved Me Back To Life

Shortly after the success of the album and in the midst of her Las Vegas shows, Dion opened up in an interview with The Star about her shows, spirituality, and her religious upbringing in Quebec, Canada.

She revealed that her family’s life was run by the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec. She went into detail explaining how her mother was pressurized by the Catholic Church to raise a big family. Read more about Céline Dion on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


However, her definition of her faith has changed over the years. She stated her belief that one can find God within oneself. In her view, one's belief in the Almighty is the same as one's belief in oneself.

Speaking of the role of churches, Dion said that no church could provide the spirituality that an individual did not himself seek.


The 50-year-old star also revealed that her family and children have always been her pillars of strength.

It is known that Dion suffered some painful losses before she gave birth to her young twins. She said that she was blessed to have her three children by her side and that if anything, their presence strengthens her deeply from within.


Talking about her Vegas shows, and how they differ from most other performances, Dion stated that her shows went beyond the expectations of Las Vegas crowds.

In her own words, people visit Vegas to have a good time, enjoy and gamble. They don’t come looking for seriousness.



However, Dion’s shows give the audiences more than that.

Dion highlighted that her shows featured heartfelt renditions of some of the most emotional songs, and this format has kept drawing crowds towards her performances.